Hi! I'm Poe Ei Phyu

I am a UX/UI designer with over 8 years of experience in building user-friendly websites and apps that make a real impact. I have worked in a variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, e-commerce and others. I am currently based in Singapore, where I live happily with my husband.

Currently working as a Freelance UX/UI Designer.

Formerly at KBZ Bank and MyanCare

Certified in Google UX Design.

A little more about me

Passion I am dedicated to crafting impactful and enjoyable experiences that people find useful.

Background I began my career as a Web Designer, and I'm now adept at collaborating with developers for seamless design implementation.

Hobbies When I'm not designing, I enjoy watching movies, reading books, cooking, going for walks, trying out new foods, and going on bike rides. I am also an avid photographer, capturing the beauty of the world around me.

Personality I'm a problem solver who welcomes feedback for improvement, stays flexible, and maintains a positive, optimistic outlook.

My Design Process Snapshot

In my UX/UI design journey, each step is a deliberate move toward seamless user experiences:


Immerse in insights, understanding user needs and market dynamics.


Unleash creativity, exploring diverse concepts before honing in on the most promising ones.


Transform ideas into tangible entities, be it digital wireframes or physical models.


Subject the design to real-world scenarios, refining based on user feedback and iterative adjustments.


Bring the vision to life through close collaboration between design and development.


Continuously assess performance and user feedback, driving future iterations for constant improvement.

This dynamic, iterative process is a testament to my commitment to crafting designs that seamlessly align with user needs and business goals.


  1. Freelance UX/UI Consultant Designer


  2. Senior UX/UI Designer

    KBZ bank | Mobile Banking & Wallet

  3. UX/UI Consultant (Part-Time)

    MyanCare | Telemedicine

  4. Senior Web & Mobile UX/UI Designer

    MyCondo | Condo Management System

  5. Web & Mobile UX/UI Designer

    Flymya | Online Travel Agency Platform

  6. +2 more ...

    To learn about my credentials, please check out my resume here.

My Personal Projects

In my free time, as I practice and refine my skills, I've designed and implemented front-end development for the following projects.


Chrome Browser Extension

You can define your own prompts for GPT and use them in the browser.

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Set Kyar's personal blog

Responsive Website

An online blog for Set Kyar, a Myanmar-based software engineer & writer.

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2019 - Present

Selected Works

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